Experience Christmas in its original form

Thick snowflakes float down quietly from the sky. The holiday region of Katschberg is enveloped in a white blanket of snow. The snow crunches under your shoes and the sweet scent of traditional Christmas biscuits is in the air. This is what you wish for in the run up to Christmas to be. And this wish becomes reality in the holiday region of Katschberg.

On a winter walk along the newly opened Advent circular trail, visitors from near and far can experience some reflective pre-Christmas moments. The planning team’s top priority is to make the Advent trail as original as possible for the guests. Instead of the obligatory sales booth, you can find lovingly designed themed worlds and stories around Christmas in Austria, along the Advent trail.

The Advent trail can only be reached on foot or with a horse-drawn sleigh. Around 45 minute’s walk should be calculated for the good three-kilometre-long route to get to the starting point of the Advent trail. It is surely more comfortable to travel by horse-drawn sleigh. They drive from the Alpengasthof Bacher to the Advent trail and back, in 15 minute cycles.

Once they have arrived at the Advent trail, each visitor will receive a lantern. The lights illuminate the path, in addition to the fixed lanterns along the way, and conjure up a romantic mood. The tea stations along the trail ensure a cosy body temperature, in spite of low temperatures. 


   St. Michael

The Katschberger Advent trail is reachable from the valley by car. 

   Parking Area P1

   Christmas market in the town centre of Katschberg

   Restaurant Stamperl
Shuttle bus stop. You can reach the Alpengasthof Bacher (starting point horse-drawn sleigh) by foot or with the shuttle bus (€ 2,50 p.p./one way)

   Alpengasthof Bacher, starting point: "Wichtelweg", horse-drawn sleigh stop
The "Wichtelweg" is an app. 2,4 km long idyllic hiking trail in way to the Pritzhütte. You can also drive this way with a horse-drawn sleigh.


   Starting point: Katschberger Advent trail 
2 km of length, only accessible on foot and free 


Shuttlebus   Shuttle bus
You can cover the distance from the town St. Michael in the valley and Rennweg in comfort with your own car (plenty of parking spaces available in P1). Shuttle buses run from the Restaurant Stamperl (€2.50 p.p./one-way) to "Wichtelweg" or the horse-drawn sleigh stops.

Pferdeschlitten   Horse-drawn sleighs
You can enjoy a really romantic experience before the Katschberg Advent Trail with the horse-drawn sleighs (€11.00 p.p./one way) from the Alpengasthof Bacher and Pritzhütte (start of the Katschberg Advent Trail) at regular intervals (every 15 min.). Please see the timetable for more detailed information. 

Zu Fuß   By foot
You can walk the "Wichtelweg", between the Alpengasthof Bacher and Pritzhütte without any problems (2.4 km). The Advent Trail is only accessible on foot (approx. 45 minutes) and free. Tea stops also offer you free drinks along the trail.



Map Katschberger Advent Trail

The idyllic Pritzhütte is the starting point for the Katschberg Advent Trail. Alphorn players put the guests in the right mood for the hike with contemplative melodies.

   Teddy bear workshop
This stop is something really special for young visitors to the Advent Trail: a teddy bear workshop where you can give your creativity free rein, have a bit of fun while your nose enjoys the wonderful fragrance of freshly roasted chestnuts.

   Petting zoo
Oh how cute! The little furry noses from the petting zoo love it when you visit!

   Hut of silence
We are so looking forward to Christmas! The Christmas trees and table for presents that compare Christmas of the past and today make the anticipation even greater. Different smells not only produce a feeling of snugness and security but also awaken childhood memories in many people.

   Story teller
Listen, how beautiful – reflective Christmas stories await you.

   Hut of sounds
What are those wonderful Christmas carols I can hear from afar? Various wind ensembles provide the lovely sounds of Advent.

   Singing togehter
Get in the mood for Christmas together. Ideally with peaceful Christmas carols.

   Child corner
You feel particularly at home playing and making things together in the Child corner. While young visitors are tobogganing through the snow, the adults can listen to the wonderful carols by the Advent choir and indulge in delicious culinary treats.

Free tea stations along the trail !

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